• Aimed at promoting and mainstreaming of gerontology education in secondary and tertiary institutions, including support for curriculum and faculty development in ageing.

  • Training those who have direct input in policy formulation, planning, evaluation and implementation processes, and those who directly work in the field of ageing and/or with older persons. These include personnel in academia, government, NGOs, private sector, media and care givers.

  • Facilitating rigorous Workshops, Conferences and Seminars on all aspects of aging in order to increase the level of available knowledge and skills on Population Aging and care of older persons respectively.

  • ​Promoting and supporting indigenous research through the provision of research grants and promotion of inter-disciplinary research clusters.

  • Creating research training opportunities for students in ageing


  • Propagating issues of ageing and older persons.

  • Facilitating participatory platforms and mechanisms to influence policy  and legislation to support income security and healthcare across age bands, pensions, transportation and other enabling services to older persons.

  • Enhancing effective inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral collaborations among governments, public-private sectors, community organizations, educational institutions, and senior citizens, towards  achieving and  inclusive society and  competent responses to the challenges and opportunities in population ageing.​


  • Developing intergenerational community resource centers around the traditional arts and crafts in the 6 geo-political zones.

  • Inter-generational skills acquisition, pre-retirement counseling, community trade shows, life writing programs for seniors and more

  • Sponsoring model community programs that promote healthy ageing, income security and age friendly services, where older persons can continue to engage their expertise and where the youth can bring energy, vision, innovation, creativity and technology to product design and marketing.

  • Enabling fun, empowering and creative communities where both older persons and youth can depend on each other to live, learn, enhance skills and earn income to improve their quality of life and standard of living.


Dave Omokaro Foundation is the promoter of the Dave Omokaro Africa Institute on Ageing and Development (DOFRIAD) - Positioned to become the premier Africa oriented venue to research and training to drive innovative life course policy action in ageing and sustainable development.

Training Programs include:

  • Ageing Policy Formulation Planning and implementation;
  • Gerontology and Geriatrics
  • Economic and Industry Aspects of Ageing;
  • Human Rights Frameworks and Legislative Foundations for Ageing Programmes
  • Buildng Coalition and Advocacy;
  • Long Term Care and Formal Services;
  • Nursing Care and Home Health Services
  • Basic Geriatric Care;
  • Social Gerontology;
  • Health and Ageing;
  • Ageing and Nutrition;
  • Regulatory Strategy in Ageing;
  • Population Ageing and Development;
  • Healthy Ageing and Primary Care;
  • Ageing, Gender and Disabilities;
  • Ageing and the Life course;
  • Ageing Mainstreaming and SDGs
  • Demographic Aspects of Ageing
  • Senior Programs and Community Care
  • Ageing Sustainability and Financial Inclusion
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